Inaccurate information on your credit report can lead to higher interest rates and denials of credit opportunities. Waccamaw Law can help you address those errors and help get you on the right track to a higher credit score and saving money with lower interest rates.

1 out of every 4 consumers like you has an error on your credit report that may lower your credit score according to a recent study by the Federal Trade Commission. A low credit score costs you money because it can cause you to miss out on credit opportunities or cost you higher interest rates when you are granted credit. For example, your low credit score may prevent you from getting the mortgage on your dream home – or cause you to incur very high interest rates on your credit card. Low credit scores could even impact whether you get that new job or great apartment you want.

Waccamaw Law has the critical experience you need on your side to help you adderess mistakes on your credit report. Waccamaw Law is aggressive about your rights. We will not hesitate to bring a lawsuit under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act when those responsible fail to correct their errors.


  • incorrect payment history
  • incorrect balance information
  • “mixed file” – when your information is mixed with someone else’s – this often happens if you have a common name like John Smith, Jr.
  • accounts appear on your credit report that you dispute are yours – are you a victim of identity theft?
  • errors on the public record – such as judgments that have been vacated, satisfied, or dismissed
  • failure to update your report after a bankruptcy is filed or discharged
  • has someone made an “inquiry” to your credit report without your authorization?

Waccamaw Law can help you make sense of these confusing situations with innovative and aggressive solutions.

If you believe any of the information on your credit report is not accurate, we will meet with you for free to discuss the best way to address the errors. If we take your case, we may handle it on a contingency basis and you may never be required to pay us fees unless we generate a payout for you.

Please call us today if you have any questions about your credit report. You will be glad that you did.


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